OBSY: Observation Learning System


This is an innovative observation learning system which facilitates the development of young students’ collaborative learning through the integration of the Internet of Things technology (IoT) and online private network.

#IoT #Education #ICT4D #Ubiquitous #Mobile #learning #tablet #Children #rural 



  • Pruet P, Ang CS, Farzin D. Understanding tablet computer usage among primary school students in underdeveloped areas: Students’ technology experience, learning styles and attitudes. Computers in Human Behavior. 2016 Feb 29;55:1131-44.
  • Putjorn P, Ang CS, Farzin D. Learning IoT without the I-Educational Internet of Things in a Developing Context. InProceedings of the 2015 Workshop on Do-it-yourself Networking: an Interdisciplinary Approach 2015 May 18 (pp. 11-13). ACM.
  • Pruet P, Farzin D, Ang CS, Chaiwut N. Exploring the Internet of “Educational Things”(IoET) in rural underprivileged areas. InElectrical Engineering/Electronics, Computer, Telecommunications and Information Technology (ECTI-CON), 2015 12th International Conference on 2015 Jun 24 (pp. 1-5). IEEE.

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